Better watch your back

Tum Tum was sleeping on the sofa, and the girls were cutting pink paper snowflakes on the living room floor.  I was mopping in the kitchen, and when I finished and came back into the living room, my hulking baby boy had been transformed…



…into a pink fairy prince in an enchanted sleep.   I think my boy is destined to spend many many hours of glittery, fairy-tale, tea party, dress-up adventures in the years to come.

8 thoughts on “Better watch your back”

  1. *smile and smile* a beautiful baby boy and loving big sisters… life can’t get more perfect.

    thanks for making me smile.

  2. ah! and you have the photos for when he is older!
    my youngest is constantly in his sisters tiaras/net skirts/glittery shoes…and jewels… his older brother is NOT amused at all!

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