Helping Hands


I keep finding these tucked in places around the house.  Little Hen’s Daisy Girl Scout Troop has been asked to do various tasks and things that “need to be done around the house” without being told, or asked, to contribute.  She was only supposed to do the project for a week, but she’s continued it, reusing her cards over and over.

I have come into the bathroom to find the counter and sink washed down, or entered the girls room to find a bed made without a reminder.  Here,  I came into the kitchen and found that a fresh table cloth had been put down, some art work laid out on it and this little note set on top.

She never brags and draws attention to what she’s done.  Only the note let’s me know.  It’s so sweet, really a blessing in my day.

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  1. Hello, Angela! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I am in love with yours! This particular post made me smile!
    Green Week was awesome…I just adore these blog projects!

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