Shell play, and a story


The girls were playing with a box of shells from the nature table – just looking them over, talking about the colors and shapes of each shell.  They spent a long time handling the shells, discussing them.


Then, Firecracker found this in the box, held it up and shouted, “A DRAGON SCALE!! A REAL LIFE DRAGON SCALE!!!”  This led into the girls making up a story about how a dragon scale could end up on the beach  where Mama found it.  It went something like this:

The dragon was getting ready to shed its scales, and you know that makes him itchy, so he flew to the beach in order to roll around in the sand.  Sand makes a good place to scratch your itches, did you know that?  And some of his scales rubbed off while he was rolling and that’s why this scale was at the beach in Florida.

Pretty awesome morning.  I love my kids’ imaginations.

2 thoughts on “Shell play, and a story”

  1. I love your children’s imagination’s too!! : ) What a wonderful story, it does look just like a dragon’s scale. We also basket cherish our basket of shells, pinecones, acorns, and other nature finds. I love to sit and watch the stories unfold, pinecones being turning into muffins, clothespins being “cooked” in the play oven, so wonderful these gifts in nature can spur such beautiful imagination and stories! I love your pictures!

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