Strawberry-Banana Jam


This was a first try for strawberry-banana jam, so I simply used the recipe from Sure-Jell’s website, instead of fiddling with one of my own (why reinvent the wheel, right?).


The jam was beautiful, and very very tasty, and although maybe a little too sweet (I like some tartness to my jam, but the kids thought it was perfect).  I also found less of a problem with floating fruit than in other strawberry-based jam recipes.  This recipe is definitely a keeper (maybe with some more strawberries and one fewer banana, since the banana flavor overpowered the strawberry a little bit?).


Up next, plain-and-simple strawberry and strawberry-lime (and soon, the raspberries and blueberries will be in!)  I make about two batches a week during the summer, and my kitchen is always open for a jam-making get-together,  so come join me!

3 thoughts on “Strawberry-Banana Jam”

  1. oh, yum! You had me right at the title. I love strawberry banana smoothies but never would have thought to make this combo into jam! Thanks for the recipe, great idea to keep the process going each week! I am feeling inspired now as our strawberries have just come out : )

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