Robin Hood


The girls have progressed in their literary obsessions from Little House to Narnia, and now to all things Robin Hood.   They (and their daddy) also happen to love collecting and playing board games of all types, so when they came across  Ravensburger’s Robin Hood Board Game at the thrift store this week (for 75 cents!), they snatched it up.  (I love Ravensburger’s games – their beautiful wooden pieces, interesting themes, and content that is so appealing to children an adults alike.)


The kids and I are sick with a sore throat, and considering the 95 degree heat outside, today seemed like a perfect opportunity to try out our new game while we tried to take it easy and stay cool.




We all really enjoyed the game, and would recommend it to anyone with primary-aged children.  (The game is played in four quick rounds, which helps keep a younger child interested.)   Firecracker says the best thing about the game was “winning!!”

If you get a chance, check out Garden Mama’s games while hiding out from the summer heat.

What board games are a favorite in your home?

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  1. the store at Spring Creek School had used Ravensburger games! and the Chinook Book has a coupon for the store!

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  3. Oh, I was so excited to hear you talk of Little House and then Robin Hood!! My children are loving both at the moment (and mama too) I had no idea there was a game, so great! Aside from homemade games : ) thanks for the link, I am happy you enjoyed my post! we are having fun also with and I am tired so hopefully I get the name correct… the raven by haba we also play doctor hedgehog by haba both have very sweet wooden pieces.

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