Berry Pies


Another family at church has welcomed  their first baby.   It’s our privilege to bring them dinner tonight (and ooh and ahh over their little boy), so the girls helped me bake some Blueberry-Raspberry- Marionberry pies to take for dessert (I love living in the Northwest!).


Firecracker helped with the lattice top, and Little Hen shaped the edges (I love seeing a child’s hand in the process).


We always make some extra dough so that the girls can make their own little hand pies, dusted with sanding sugar,  for a good morning snack.


Some other yummy goodies with berries being made recently at Charming the Birds, and Imagine Childhood.

What’s your favorite summer berry recipe?

2 thoughts on “Berry Pies”

  1. How lovely, your lattice is so pretty!
    I love that you leave out some of the extra for your kids to make their own pie, my husbands mom always did this for him when he was little when she made apple pies. We do it now for our children as well : )
    What a wonderful thing to bring over for a mama with a new little one! I know I certainly would have appreciated that when my littles were newborn. We have mostly been picking up containers of strawberries from our neighbors farm about every day and they really do not make it too much further than being eaten straight out of the carton : ) So, I do not have much to share for recipes at the moment!

  2. My favorite berry recipe is the strawberry freezer jam in the pectin box. Oh my, it is so wonderful made with local berries, fresh picked, organic if you can get them. I could eat spoonfuls of it straight out of the bowl before jarring it up. Otherwise, I think fresh off the bush is my favorite way to eat summer berries!

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