We took the children for a quick visit to the Oregon  Zoo (the best part of having a pass, in my opinion, is that you can pop in for an hour or two and just see a few things, so the children don’t get maxed-out).  This visit, we decided to go with a bird theme (surprise, surprise).


Tum Tum signed “bird”  and said “cheep cheep” pretty much non-stop the entire morning.  🙂



We saw the penguins and the African bird aviary, but by far, the kids’ favorite stop was the Lorikeet exhibit.

I hope these last days of summer provide you with some fun family outings as well.

2 thoughts on “Lorikeets”

  1. I haven’t been there in forever. I really need to get down there. My kids like the birds at the zoo in Seattle, too. They have some little ones you can feed and they’ll sit on your hand. Freaks my 3yo out.

    i love the stage where the little ones are signing and saying the few, precious words they know!

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