Healing Touch


Little Hen found this book at the library two weeks ago.  The topic is one that has interested her for a long time, and she read the book , cover to cover, as soon as we got it home.


The basic massage routine takes 5-10 minutes, but there are several techniques described in the book, and massage for different purposes.  The book runs the gamut from massage to relieve anxiety/stress all the way to reflexology for hay fever.

(Although we don’t ascribe to the philosophies of reflexology or acupressure, Little Hen has been fascinated with the topics, and studies the reflexology chart intently – she keeps asking Firecracker if she’d like a foot rub for her respiratory issues, to which Firecracker replies, “Don’t get near my feet!”)

Although I wouldn’t initially have thought of a “massage for children” book as parenting aid, this book has been helpful in helping me mother the children more effectively and compassionately.  Little Hen tends to be a high-anxiety child, and Firecracker full of energy with a fiery temper, and we’ve found this book to be a great tool to facilitate calming and connecting and having a more peaceful home.



We have tried to make some time a few days a week, in the afternoon or evening, when everyone is tired and tempers tend to flare, to get out the book and get a massage from Mama.  Little Hen likes to give Firecracker a back rub, too, reading the directions as she goes.  I think it diffuses a lot of sibling rivalry and helps everyone mellow a little bit during what can be a grouchy time of day .

By caring for the children in such a small way, I am modeling and learning compassion and service.  Such small acts go a long way in creating peace and  we are all blessed by them.

What mothering tools do you utilize to comfort your children and foster harmony in the home?

4 thoughts on “Healing Touch”

  1. Touch is a big part of harmony is our home too. Our son needs a lot of physical touch. He needs daily doses of soothing touches from me, and rough houseing with daddy. Our teen sometimes needs a good wrestle or tickle when she is feeling stressed and hugs (when no friends are around) restore her harmony. Our toddler of course needs all kinds of touch but she seems to need to give touch as well…moreso than our others.

    Our other technique is “Jivin’ Music” when everyone is stressed we put on very lively music and everyone crazy dances. It is a great way to laugh together and relieve stress.

  2. Great idea, Kari! We used to have “dance parties” when the girls were younger – i think we should reinstate them! Thanks!

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