Nature Table by Little Hen


Yesterday afternoon, while Firecracker played with her magnet dolls, and Tum Tum slept, and I was mopping the floors yet again, Little Hen was a very busy girl – running upstairs, to her room, getting into the kitchen cupboards, and heading back upstairs again, gleaning items from around the house to remake the nature table.


Even though it has been warm and sunny, the nights have been chilly, and the air has that autumn crispness in the morning.    It is September, afterall, so Little Hen remade the table with a “summer into fall” theme.  Looks like she has a bit of a “green with a touch or orange” color scheme going on – like fall is edging in on the greenness of summer.  🙂


Mr. Emerson’s Cook is a book we’ve really been enjoying the past two weeks.  We made sunshine pie one morning, just like in the book! (Maybe there’ll be a post on it soon.  It was a really fun activity.)  If you haven’t read it yet, we really recommend checking it out.


Please join in the nature table sharing at The Magic Onions.  We look forward to reading everyone’s posts on Fridays!

5 thoughts on “Nature Table by Little Hen”

  1. Such a sweet nature table. I love the Autumn Fairy and those books look delightful. Isn’t it wonderful when our kids suddenly do something all on their own, with such confidence… love it!
    Thank you so much for sharing on Friday’s Nature Table.
    Blessings and magic.

  2. beautiful work, Hen! but it makes me a bit sad…we had meant to send you few little things for your summer table. oh well! we will send them soon. maybe they’ll still find a place.

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