Passing down


A day of sorting clothes for the change of seasons found lots and lots of dresses that are too small and will be passed down to a friend’s little girl.   Some were handmade for my girls, and It was bittersweet to see how much they had outgrown and to realize how quickly they’re growing up.  Seemed a very short while ago that these dresses were Little Hen’s, and then Firecracker’s, and now they’ll be another little girl’s.


The girls reminisced for a bit (“Remember when I wore this dress to so-and-so’s birthday party?”, “Remember when you wore this outfit to the beach and we caught that crab?”, “Remember when Auntie Jen got me this dress?”), which seriously made me misty-eyed, and then we packed them up.

Glad to be able to bless someone else with them, but I wish my girls would stop growing up so fast!!

2 thoughts on “Passing down”

  1. i will take any scraps i can get my hands on! and yes, crafts are a bit seasonal. i am ready to knit–too bad i only know how to do straight lines. so blankets and scarves are in the works soon. . . (:

    i think you’re the coolest. suz and i refer to you as superwoman (:

    and kids get big so fast. i have a 3 month old who is already in 6 month old clothing! she won’t stop! (: but it is a little hard for me to want to hold onto a few things she wore in the hospital and so forth. my tiny tiny girl got so big.

  2. Oh my! I know exactly the nostalgia you are experiencing. Where does the time go so fast?

    My own girls are getting so big! I, too, must tackle the seasonal clothing shuffle. It comes so soon, and it is hard to believe how fast children grow and change from one year to the next.

    We went shoe shopping today, because all of a sudden…from one day to the next…my four year old says that ALL of her shoes hurt her feet! How does that happen overnight? I wonder…if I stand over their beds at night…can I literally watch them grow?

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