Another Candle-Flame shawl off the needles.  I had just enough alpaca yarn left from the first shawl to make another.  This pattern is so addictive and simple – it makes a heavy, warm shawl, especially in this fluffy alpaca (the original pattern calls for Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky 85% wool, 15% mohair), although there is a cone of deep gold mohair in my stash that may end up as a lighter-weight version of this shawl sometime soon.



A good shawl blocking tutorial can be found at See Eunny Knit! If you’d prefer to use blocking rods or are interested in the dental floss technique (which I think I’ll be trying next time) see Deborah’s blocking page. I couldn’t find my blocking pins, and just used straight pins from my sewing drawer.  Hopefully, all will turn out well.

I have a few things I wanted to share in the upcoming days, but we’ll see how things go – this is going to be a very over-full week, which includes prep for and teaching two different knitting classes amongst a host of other projects.  Oh, and thanks to a broken tooth, I have to squeeze a root canal in somewhere this week and next. (How do other homeschoolers make it to appointments?  This is a continual issue for me – I’m never “free” during the day while my kids are in school, so making time for dentist appointments, doctor visits, errands and coordinating childcare is tough! I know I’m by no means alone in this, and would love to hear how other folks with little ones manage!)

We’re looking forward to a break from the craziness the weekend after next – we’re traveling to visit with dear friends on the coast (where we used to live).  We all need some relaxation pretty badly, and I think a little yurt camping, a little cider pressing, a little wave-watching, and a lot of good conversation will be exactly what we need to recharge.

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  1. Believe it or not, those appointments aren’t any easier for those of us who have children in school! I thought it would be better this year with my youngest finally in preschool, but because of other commitments I’ve made it’s every bit as tough – if not more so because my husband’s job now keeps him away an extra hour in the evening.

    Ah well, all part of parenthood!

    Your shawl is lovely. I have several nice, warm shawls of my own that I absolutely love…..and I don’t think I could live without any of them!

  2. Gorgeous shawl! I will have to try that pattern someday.

    I have a babysitting exchange with a group of mommy friends. We use a website ( to keep track of credits but you could do it other ways. Some people use it to get a date with their spouse and have guaranteed qualified babysitters, others use it to get in those appointments and meetings that have to happen during the day when the spouse can’t watch the kids in your absence. It works out well for us and I don’t ever feel like I’m imposing on someone else’s time by asking for someone to watch our kids.

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  4. My kids often come with me. They usually grumble, but they often don’t have much choice. I make sure to bring snacks and water that won’t leave too much of a mess, and we have a “to-go” bag that comes with us, filled with books and activities to keep them occupied for awhile. I make sure to praise them for their good behavior afterwards. There are appointments I can’t take them to, but I have several friends who offer to watch kids for me (and I return the favor). It’s difficult either way. When my oldest was in school, it was hard, because I always had to schedule around him. Do you know any college kids at your church? I’ve asked them to babysit in the afternoons, and I feed them later.

    Too bad I don’t live closer, I’d happily take your kids for you!

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