Opal Socks


We are having absolutely glorious fall weather, and so have been spending a lot of time outside the past few days, working the garden  and making chalk drawings on the front steps.  The yard work has been a bit daunting – hazelnuts to coppice, wheelbarrows and wheelbarrows of manure and mulch to spread, garlic and leeks and shallots and onions to plant, beds to prepare for the ridiculous amount of spring flower bulbs I’ve ordered.

However, today, while the baby takes his afternoon nap, I think I’ll let the yardwork go, and just sit in the sunny window seat and watch the girls race their scooters around the driveway.    And, I may attempt to finish these socks.

I think it’s best not to put too many things on the “to do” list for a Friday afternoon, don’t you?

I hope you have a relaxing Friday afternoon as well, and a peaceful and refreshing weekend.

2 thoughts on “Opal Socks”

  1. Your socks are looking really nice! Last time I tried to use a pre-printed sock yarn I didn’t get nearly such a defined pattern. I must have been off guage or something!

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