Feels like Autumn



The wind and rain have settled in, and the nights are getting pretty chilly.  It is finally feeling like fall, so this morning the girls and I did some dusting,  got out a few fall decorations, and put the autumn cover on the duvet.  I hope to get the window hangings and more decorations out by the end of the week.



Many of these items would normally go on the nature table. We are still figuring out how best to have a nature table with a toddler in the house.  He puts everything in his mouth, and loves to “deconstruct” things with glee.




Our current compromise is to put all of the chokeables and breakables on “high shelf nature table”, where the girls can reach if they use a step stool, but the baby can’t.    So, here is the first incarnation of our fall nature table, and as the leaves continue to fall and we do more autumnal crafting,  I’m sure it will grow and change and reflect more of the girls’ creative character.


How is your fall nature table taking shape?

4 thoughts on “Feels like Autumn”

  1. I’ve been thinking of starting a nature table. Right now, our dining table is it, and it is crowded! Thanks for the inspiration. I especially like the felted pumpkins and the winsome corn husk doll. Beth

  2. Hello Angela 🙂
    Happy Autumn to you! Such wonderful little treasures. I like the felted pumpkins and especially love the corn husk woman. She is beautiful! I am still working on a few of our nature table items, sadly behind, a needle felted woman and a knitted pumpkin, hopefully to be finished while there is still plenty left of the season to enjoy them.

  3. Such lovely Autumn treasures… your pumpkins are wonderful. And as for your corn husk maiden… she’s beautiful!
    Thanks for them sharing on Friday’s Nature Table. They are Fall inspirations.
    Blessings and magic.

  4. I agree — the corn husk woman is a treasure! Everytime I see something cute and felted (like your pumpkins), it makes me antsy to take the plunge and try felting.

    We have the same predicament with our nature table. I put some items up high where only my daughter can access them (but not very readily, I’m afraid), and some indestructible objects down low for my son. But then I find nature table objects scattered all over the house, as he takes one with every pass by his table. Plus, I’d like a more “cohesive” nature table, where all contributions are in one spot. Oh well, maybe that will come as he gets a little older and doesn’t taste-test everything!

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