Sick Days


This autumn has been the hardest on our health of an season I can remember.  It seems at least part of the family has been sick almost every day since September.  We can’t seem to get a break of more than 3 days without someone being sick.  Right now, we’ve all got a bad chest cold, and Tum Tum is by far the worst off, running a fever 4 days going and struggling with a crackling deep cough.

Life right now consists of tackling mountains of laundry, comforting sick children back to sleep many times in the night, making Lidia’s stracciatella,  and soothing the short tempers that often come with feeling ill.  We have neither the time nor the energy for much in the way of baking, crafting and enjoying the autumn outdoors.  Instead,  we’ve been snuggling up on the sofa with lots of blankets, reading books/listening to books on tape while we drink hot tea, hot cider, hot cocoa – anything warm and soothing.  And back rubs.  Lots and lots of backrubs.


And for Mama – some sock knitting, Survivor (we have no TV, but I just found out I can watch it on the computer, so I’ve been catching up!) and marionberry brandy late in the evenings goes a long way in helping maintain my sanity in this season of seemingly-endless illness and injury.

I know that this, too, shall pass, and we are by no means alone in having a difficult fall when it comes to sickness.   I hope and pray for full restoration to health for everyone – that we can enter into a time of Thanksgiving with joyful hearts and healthy bodies.

4 thoughts on “Sick Days”

  1. Wishing you healthier days SOON. My children have been sick more this fall than ever too. Colds and swine flu. Then another round of cough for one of them. Hope you are all mended soon. You never realize how great you usually feel, until you get sick!

  2. You better get better, because we miss you all!

    By the way, the bag of paper goodies you gave Sophie? Could not have been more popular around these parts. Fantastic, fantastic :: thank you, thank you!

  3. This autumn has been a season of illness for nearly everyone I know. Our doctor told us that it is the worst he has seen in 25 years.

    I do hate it when my children are sick, but even though everyone is miserable, I always experience the unexpected blessing of closer connections to my family after a time of being shut-in together and taking care of everyone

    Get well wishes to you and your family!

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