Garden Snapshot


A few quick pictures Firecracker and I took in the garden yesterday afternoon:


The chickens having a grand time in the compost bin.


All sorts of things are germinating – peas, peas and more peas, chard, kale, mustard greens, beets, lettuce, poppies, sweet peas, calendula, artichokes, chives, parsley and basil.


The garlic and shallots we planted last October are really taking off!


And, of course, our 75-odd tomatillo and tomato-lets are getting big – here (clockwise from far L) are “Black Krim, “Yellow Pear”, “Costoluto”, “Brandywine” and some little “Sweet 100” cherry toms that got a late start.

Today we’ll be planting “Hollow Crown” parnips and “Nantes” and “Cosmic Purple” carrots, and more basil, as well as starting cilantro in the cold frame.  Despite the chilly rain the past few days, it’s really feeling like spring as the garden comes to life.

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