Beads and wire, and a little mania


Little Hen and I have been very busy the past two days working on Christmas gifts.  It may have, um, gotten a little out of hand.



After a little mishap in which a certain little boy decided it would be hilarious to fling beads all over the living room while I was in the basement switching the laundry over, we have been beading until our fingers blistered (no joke!).


If you’re a female relative, you just might be getting some earrings for Christmas.   We also made some pendants and beaded bookmarks for those without pierced ears.  (Shh.  Forget I said that.)   🙂

So, the first wave of intense Christmas present-making is done!  And now to work on some edible treats (We’re thinking of tackling hot cocoa mix and homemade marshmallows tomorrow.)

2 thoughts on “Beads and wire, and a little mania”

  1. Will you pass on your recipe for hot cocoa mix? I found a DIY chai mix to make, but have yet to settle on a cocoa one.

  2. I’m with Dana! I’d love a recipe for hot cocoa! I also love your earring inspiration… I have the beading supplies, I just need to make time. Only. 11. days. till. Christmas. ACK!!!

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