Spent the early hours this morning washing thrifted dishes we found yesterday.  I cannot resist old tea cups – they make great hostess gifts when combined with a box of tea and a little jar of honey.  Also loving the blue and white dessert dishes, and at 30 cents each, how could I pass them up?

Also washed out a vintage hand-knit sweater in the sink with a little Eucalan.  It was marked down from to 50 cents from 3 dollars since it had a small green stain near the shoulder, which mostly soaked out.  This feels like such a treasure – to wear something made over many hours, by hand, by a fellow knitter, decades ago.

I feel very blessed to live just a few streets away from the best thrift store in Portland.  The volunteers are so kind, the prices so much more affordable than the big thrift stores, the store always tucked full of wonderful things, and it supports a good cause.  Every two weeks, all items with a  new color price tag becomes 25 cents!!

All told, our Sunday afternoon trip yielded:

A vintage board game

1 1/2 yrds of grey wool fabric (which will become winter trousers for the boys)

1 1/2 yds grey liner fabric (for inside the trousers)

6 blue and white Japanese dessert dishes

6 assorted Japanese tea cups

3 mis-matched, hand painted saucers

2 child-sized Japanese rice bowls

a bamboo basket for (for yarn?  Toys?)


2 wool J.Crew sweaters (to be turned into winter Longies for George)

vintage lace-work hand-knitted sweater

set of drawing pencils (for Ruth)

hand-sewn and embroidered South American skirt

2 sets of leggings for George.

Total = $18.55!!

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  1. Bravo on those excellent finds! I LOVE finding teacups and handmade items, too! Unfortunately our thrift stores don’t make their prices such bargains! Boo!

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