Tuesdays are for PJs

During the school-year, Tuesdays at our little farmlet are PJ days.  It is a day of the week in which we do not have garden volunteers here, or any scheduled lessons or activities outside the home.

(Our budgie, Mr. Chirples, snuggling with Ruth.)

We all look forward to PJ days.  In the morning, we can make a big, hot breakfast, catch up on lessons, read loads of books, and play games.  (Here, Bea is playing with the “Math Generator” multiplication tool.)  Sometimes we watch a documentary or listen to a book on CD in the afternoon, or work on a special craft project.

Tuesdays are a chance to not drive anywhere, not purchase anything, not be frantically busy and over-scheduled.  It is a chance to take the time to actually do all those things that get squeezed out or forgotten in the busy-ness of the rest of the week.

We step back from other responsibilities just for one day.  We make use of our resources at home, cultivating our relationships with each other, retreating a bit from the rush rush rush of the world.  We use this time make a conscious choice to enjoy being a family.

Are there rituals in your home that help set the rhythm of your week?


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  1. Our “stay in” day is Sunday. Like your family, it is a day for crafts, cooking, napping, and spending uninterrupted time together.

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