Yarn Along

 Anyone else starting to feel the Christmas-knitting pressure?

Finished a simple scarf (white mohair stash yarn I bought in college), and about to cast on some socks.  The yarn is a heathered grey 100% undyed Jacob sheep yarn handspun by a friend, from her own sheep.  I have knitted many projects with this yarn – it is  beautifully spun and well-balanced, and garments made from it have a fantastic drape. The socks will get some red patterning (100% wool thrifted sock yarn), as of yet to be determined, on the cuff.

We are re-reading The Hobbit aloud as a family in preparation for the movie.  It has been a year and half since we’ve read it, and we need to brush up before the film is released.  We’re also planning to have a movie marathon over Thanksgiving weekend and watch all three Lord of Rings. (I’m hoping to accomplish a significant portion of my Christmas gift-making during this time.)

Looking forward to visiting the other knitters in Ginny’s Yarn Along  during some down-time this afternoon. (I’ve promised the big kids they can take out modeling beeswax while we continue listening to The Dark is Rising sequence on book CD during George’s nap.  Hopefully that guarantees a peaceful afternoon.)

9 thoughts on “Yarn Along”

  1. The movie looks great in the previews but I haven’t finished the book.

    The holiday knits are definitely getting to me as I have stash that I want to use and need to use but can’t see to get the projects off the ground.

  2. Me, too, Heather. I have fabric cut and yarn in my stash, but having trouble getting going. I’m usually done by Nov first, but not this year! Good luck with your gift making.

  3. What a lovely scarf pattern!
    I’m feeling the Christmas panic at the moment – I feel like there is so much to do so little time. I should have started earlier.

  4. i love your scarf, it’s really lovely. i like the idea of a movie marathon over the thanksgiving holiday, i’m off to queue the lord of the rings trilogy now!

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