From the portfolio of a 4 year-old


A dear friend from college gave Firecracker some Stockmar beeswax crayons a while back.  They were quickly used up to little nubs, and now we’re on our second box ( Portlanders, I just saw that a local Waldorf supply shop, Gossamer, stocks these!). Â

The other afternoon, Firecracker did a little drawing with them. Â

 The first picture, is, of course, a fairy.  The second is Firecracker’s conception of what “vacteria” look like (I just love how she’ll say “vacteria“, but also “Mt. Eberest” – too cute.)

2 thoughts on “From the portfolio of a 4 year-old”

  1. my kids are so prolific – no way do i save everything! we select a pile to give to auntie, a pile to mail to grandma and grandpa, and a few to keep. the rest i recycle (although, if they’re really good, i take pictures first).

    we like the crayons because they have lovely deep pigments, they fit nicely in a child’s hand, and they smell wonderful, like honey. plus, they’re german, and i have a soft spot in my heart for german craft items and toys. 🙂

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