Simple Lunch

Some friends and I were talking about our “life is crazy, Mama is stressed and tired, but the kids need something healthy but quick to eat and I’m not breaking down and getting Taco Bell!!!” meals. 

I’ve been having “one of those weeks” for the last 3 weeks straight, so I thought I’d share one of my standby quick/easy/fairly healthy meals.  It consisted of free-range scrambled eggs (cooked in butter and topped with smoked Spanish paprika), homemade organic blackberry-applesauce (which we had canned back in September), and a glass of whole milk.  I know, a little lacking on veggies, but it’s much better than fast food, lunchables, etc!  Picture below taken by Little Hen:

100% local, very filling, not guilt-inducing for Mama, and easily put together on a very busy day.

3 thoughts on “Simple Lunch”

  1. Hi there, fellow Little House friend!

    Your girls are simply darling in their prairie “get-ups” too, and wouldn’t my girls love to play with them!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and have a great day,


  2. My kids would eat scrambled eggs for every meal if they could. And don’t feel bad about no veggies; at least they are getting fruit and real food made with lots of love!

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