Get well soon, my little Valentine

On top of the cold we are all battling, Firecracker has been throwing up all afternoon and evening.  Poor kiddo.  While she slept (for 3 hours!), her big sis suggested that we make her some get well/Valentine cards.   That’s my Little Hen, always thinking of ways to show her love and care for the sick, the sad, the lowly – especially when it’s someone in her family. 

A little pink, a little glitter, a little love note – that has to cheer a girl up, right?

The evening prescription was a dose of The Jungle Book and a back rub, and lots of being fussed over by a concerned big sister.   Get well soon, my little Valentine. 

1 thought on “Get well soon, my little Valentine”

  1. aww, firecracker!!! Get Well Sweetie!!!

    I remember the “towel method” from when i was a kid. Funny, i never would have thought about it in my head, but seeing her laying on them, reminded me of when my dad had to do that for me as a kid. 🙁


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