Scrappy Doll Quilt Virtual Show


Little Hen, who loves to help me sew, has been asking if we could put makes some quilts for her dolls.    And then, a while back, I saw the invite to a Virtual Scrappy Doll Quilt Show and Challenge on From my Scrapbag and thought it would make a great project for Little Hen and I to do together.

We’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to get out the sewing machine and dig through my fabric stash until two days ago!  We look through the fabric scraps (I haven’t made a large quilt in ten years, so the fabric was a little dated, but the rules of the show dictated we must use up scraps), and decided on a blue on blue theme.   Little Hen picked out the block fabrics, and I selected the border fabric from leftover strips of a fabric I had used in Little Hen’s crib-sized Ohio Star baby quilt.


We went with a simple 4-patch quilt – something a 6 year-old could have a real hand in making.  The finished quilt is 10″ x 14″, and I must say, Little Hen has a careful hand when it comes to piecing – the corners all meet nicely.


Little Hen sat in my lap, and together, we guided the pieces through the machine.  Her favorite part was top-stitching to finish the quilt (with three little ones, and the late date of beginning this project, there was no way I was going to have time to hand quilt it!) It was a fun activity for us both, and we are planning on making her cousins and sister some doll quilts for Christmas gifts this year.

Please check out the comments section to visit the other quilts in this show.   That’s where the girls and I are headed right now!

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  1. Looks like some folks won’t be getting their quilts blogged until tomorrow, so be sure to check on Sunday – I know we will and maybe we’ll find some inspiration for future doll quilts. – Angela

  2. This is lovely! Are you all fired up to make more? Thanks for playing…I still have binding to do!

  3. Such a fun thing to make a little doll quilt. Love the one you and your little one made. You two are also making memories, aren’t you?

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