The peaches are ripe on Sauvie Island!!!!  We took advantage of the cool weather this morning (65!!) and went to pick some with my sister.



The farm was lovely, as usual, and the picking easy (I love how so many of the branches are very low, so the children can pick easily).  Little Hen tripped and hurt her leg right at the end, which put a damper on things, but Auntie Jen took us all to Hot Lips Pizza (everyone’s favorite!) for lunch afterward, so the trip ended with lots of smiles.  🙂


And 57 lbs of beautiful ripe peaches later… I am camped out in the kitchen making batches of jam and canning sliced peaches.   Some will be peeled, sliced and frozen, as well.  And of course, some little children around here will polish off quite a few, too.    The aroma of cooking peaches filled the downstairs, and Firecracker kept running into the kitchen just to inhale deeply and then run back to playing with her sister.

Tomorrow, more pictures from our morning on Sauvie Island.  And a giveaway in two days!

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