Family Bed and Cloth Diapering


Some friends recently asked how we share sleep with our youngest while he’s in cloth diapers.  Overnight leaks are a worry, even with doublers and the “good covers” saved for night time.  To safeguard the mattress, we don’t use expensive wool mattress pads (which sound fabulous, but are way out of the budget) or those awful rubberized crib pads that don’t breathe a bit.



Our simple solution is to use some thrifted wool blankets that I ran through the wash a few times in order to felt them up nice and thick (from twin size down to about 3 x 3 1/2ft).  They are breatheable, natural, and very waterproof.  I double up just to be safe – and wash on warm, tumble dry.

It’s that easy!  I’d love to hear any tips on how you make the family bed work for you!

5 thoughts on “Family Bed and Cloth Diapering”

  1. Bless your heart! I’m glad you can make it work. We had to move our eldest out when she was 7 months old because she’s such a tornado in bed. Our youngest was moved into a crib at 5 months – although she really couldn’t have cared less, having always been a peaceful sleeper no matter where she’s at. Part of me wishes we could have made it work for longer with both….but then again, I needed some sleep!

  2. I’m so glad our third sleeps like a rock! It’s much easier this time around -the girls were such light sleepers and early wakers!

  3. Charlie wakes up around 3 am every day, and for the last few months he’s been soaked! So mostly we are just changing the diaper to make him comfortable. Mostly, he doesn’t sleep in my bed except after his 3 am wakings. He’s also a tornado sleeper and all over his crib, I don’t want him to fall of the bed! We do have to change his sheets often, I wish I could keep him on a wool blanket!

  4. Your felted wool blankets are a great idea. I used a lot of cotton blankets, also not wanting to buy an expensive wool pad. My guy slept in our bed until 18 months–I’d say it was lovely for the first nine months. The other nine months seemed to be a new developmental phase (suprise!) and he was both extra needy and extra wiggly. We moved him into his own bed and now we all sleep through the night, thank goodness.

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