Retro Fall Doll Quilt



Little Hen and I finished the  first scrap doll quilt in a while with more of a fall color scheme.  We made it for a friend who’s daughter has a birthday coming up.


Actually, there wasn’t much to it -the four main blocks were in the middle of a big bag of  fabric scraps I had been given.  Little Hen picked out the orange fabric “because orange is a good fall color” (from the same bag of scraps).


In the scrap bag was also some neutral-yellow cotton fabric in a large enough piece to fold triple thick to serve as batting and backing for the quilt.   We layered them up and quickly put the doll quilt together.  The finished quilt is about 18″ x 24″.  Can’t wait to see our little friend snuggling her dollies up in it soon!

3 thoughts on “Retro Fall Doll Quilt”

  1. Hi Angela

    I have blogged that I am going to start my first quilt. It always looks so wonderful to see homemade quilts around the home. I will be popping back for tips. I will let you know when my parcel arrives.

    Happy day to you
    Warm regards

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