Wednesday Harvest


A few things from this morning’s harvest.  Carrots, beets, 3 types of kale, lots and lots of chard, and buckets full of sugar snap and snow peas.


So grateful for the constant stream of Teaching Garden volunteers today.  Folks were working hard from 9:30 am straight through to 4:30pm.    We’re feeling very, very blessed.   A big thank you to all of the helping hands!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Harvest”

  1. Loo, what do you do with your “lots of chard?” I too have a bunch, it’s what’s doing best in the garden right now and of course it’s the thing that Ken doesn’t care for. It’s hard to keep up with eating the harvest myself. I use it raw in salads with mixed greens, sautee it or steam it but wondered if you had anything else you do with it or tips to “yummy it up?”

  2. Robin – I mostly use it in stir-fry (which we make a lot – I just chop the ribs and put them in when I saute the onions, and only throw the leaves (which are cut up pretty fine b/c the kids don’t like big chunks) at the last minute until wilted.,

    Although my absolutely favorite chard recipe is a Cook’s Illustrated Balsamic Glazed Chicken with Chard – it’s AMAZING, but a little fiddly and time consuming. I saved the magazine – I think it’s from 2003 or 2004. Do you subscribe to their website? If not, I will look it up and e-mail it to you.

  3. Stir-frys are a good idea, something easy and versatile that I don’t think of enough- thanks. No, I don’t subscribe to Cook’s illustrated, I would love the recipe if you have a chance to look it up.
    Your garden is so inspiring! I love the updates and photos, keep them coming.

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