9 and 10 days old

The chicks, 9 and 10 days old (Here’s hoping they all survive and none turn out to be cockerels, because the kids are just smitten and have named them all):


Cookie, the Buff Orpington. (She’s the largest and fluffiest of the chicks, by far.)



Violet (dark brown), and Nudge II (golden), the Auracanas. (You can see their little tufty beards coming in already!)


Fiesty, the Salmon Faverolle.  She’s a petite little thing, but has lots of attitude (and 5 toed-feet and feathered legs!)



Midnight and Blacky, our tried and true favorite breed – Black Australorp.  Our two and a half year-old is very partial to Blacky, who is the gentlest and most mellow of the chicks.


And last but not least, Pickles, the Delaware.

We’re all amazed at how quickly they’re growing, adding bulk, wing and tail feathers every day.   We’re going to do our best to photograph them once a week to see how they change and mature.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing!! We are going to be getting some chicks in the next few weeks and can’t wait to start this adventure! Can’t wait to see how they change via pictures!

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