Repurposed Christmas Cards

This coming Friday, the kids and I are participating in the Portland Homeschool Children’s Holiday Market.  Several families are making crafts and baking goodies to sell at this fair, and all of our family’s proceeds will go to a few charities (Heifer International, OutsideIn, and the Oregon Humane Society). 

The girls are VERY excited about this whole project.  We had originally planned on only making homemade marshmallows, peppermint bark, and a few other easy holiday goodies that children their age could make on their own with only a little supervision (we’ll be making those later in the week).  

Over the weekend, Little Hen asked if she could make gift tags to sell, as well.  I think she was inspired by the few tags we had made together for a baby shower yesterday.   We have a big box of odd-sized cardstock in the attic, just for crafting, and I had saved all of last year’s Christmas cards. 

Throw in some glitter glue and you’ve got a craft a kindergartener can really take over and make her own.  I was really impressed with Little Hen’s precision with the glitter glue.  That girl’s got a steadier hand than I do and quite an eye for detail!   

Firecracker helped make a few, too!


By the end, Little Hen had made 57 cards, I made 4, and Firecracker made 3!  They really did the work largely by themselves while I fed the baby.  I helped fold the cardstock, cut out some shapes when the girls asked for help, and get the caps off the glitter glue.  And of course, I helped pick endless little Christmas card snippets out of the carpet…

Some of the finished cards, before Firecracker and I tied them up with ribbon in sets of 4:


I love how she knew just where to put the glitter glue – not over-done, a perfect accent.  This was a project she really got into – working for over an hour without interruption.  I have such admiraton for her ability to focus in on something that interests her!

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