First Giveaway


Welcome to the first giveaway at An Exaltation of Larks!

The girls and I are giving away a handmade scrap doll quilt,


some soft, dove-gray Rowan-spun 4-ply 100% new wool yarn (enough to make two pixie hats),


some vintage linen napkins, and assorted other goodies, yet to be revealed!


This is a comment giveaway – please leave a comment telling me 1) which Category (in my sidebar on the right) is you like best, and 2) what crafty/domestic/culinary/mama activity you enjoy doing the most (feel free to include a link to a related post on your blog so I can get to know you, too!)

If you link to my giveaway on your blog, post about it on Facebook, etc, please let me know, and I’ll add THREE extra entries in your name to the drawing.

The drawing will be held on Comments will close at 11 pm Pacific time on Saturday, August 15th, and the drawing will be held Sunday, August 16th.  Thanks!

Giveaway closed.  Thank you all very much for the lovely comments!

48 thoughts on “First Giveaway”

  1. I like the recipes, especially the cake ones. And the pictures of your adorables.

    I couldn’t knit my way out of a paper sack, so if I win I hope it’s not the yarn!

    PS: I hope i’m not the only high school friend with a recent baby! Ohh La La!

  2. I love reading your blog, but I especially enjoy reading about your kids enjoying books. My son has really started to love reading this summer, so it is nice to virtually share that. I am linking to you on Facebook

  3. Just beginning to read your blog and enjoying it. I like your Changing Seasons category and the Lactivism category! I put a link to your blog on my sidebar.

    Me? I’ve been enjoying Craftivism lately. Money is tight so giving to charity in the form of crafting is just perfect for me right now. Here are a couple of links to my craftivism on my own blog:

  4. Hi Angela

    I always gravitate towards the knitting. I have a Waldorf inspired knitted toy shop. I love all activities involving kiddies. Love the ideas I gather so that I can do them with my children. Thank you for visiting my blog today.

    Warm regards

  5. Girl, you just rock. I was trying to pick one category that I like the most, but they’re pretty much all awesome… from your wonderful recipes to the way you encourage others in faith. So there… I like them all. 🙂

    I’m into the scrapbooking/card-making/homeschool crafty-type of thing… but if you would like to teach me how to knit, I’m game!

    I’ll link to you on FB, too… one of these days, hopefully I’ll get my own blog off the ground!

  6. Hello Larksong,
    I found you because I followed your link when you left a great comment on our site. I am so glad to find your blog! I think we have so much in common. My three children are so close in age to yours…7,4, and 10 months! I have absolutely loved your posts, especially the crafts category (and so many others as well).

    Your patchwork doll quilts are so sweet, and remind me of projects that my girls and I have been working on. I let them go through my scrap bags and pull out and coordinate fabrics for a crazy quilt (baby sized). We have been sewing the pieces together randomly, but they have really enjoyed learning to sew on my machine with my help. It’s been such an enjoyable experience for all three of us.

    I plan to subscribe to your feed so I can come back regularly. You inspire me with your sweet projects. Oh, and I almost forgot…your fairy prince picture…so sweet it brought tears to my eyes. What sweet big sisters.

    Best wishes on your giveaway!

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  8. Oh, Ang, don’t make us pick! I can’t narrow it down to a specific side bar topic.

    I love the updates on the kiddos, of course, but also and especially all your lovely pictures of the food you bake, cook, and grow.

    I, myself, like to sew and knit (just started up again) craft generally, and especially growing, sourcing, and cooking local foods. I will be making my first mead in the next few weeks.

    Will post to my FB for you!

  9. I like your nature entries, as well as the ones about books and thrifting (I guess those would be reading and frugality.)

    What great prizes — and thanks for the chance to enter!

  10. I like the homemaking and nature table categories best. I think I enjoy baking the most. Once you mix the dough or batter you throw it in the oven and don’t have to do anything more.

  11. I like the cooking and baking category best (I love recipes). Lately I’ve been enjoying knitting the most, though, because our propane stove, which we use when it’s too hot to cook with wood, is small and rickety and generally not as much fun to cook with.

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  13. Greetings Larksong,
    What a wonderful give away. The category I like very much is your home school category. It is so creative and looks like you have so much fun. We like to build things as well as knit,cook,garden, etc. We would welcome you to visit here and stay as long as you would like.
    There are links to our other blogs in the taskbar under the header.
    I look forward to meeting you and thank you for a very wonderful and generous give away.

  14. hi there! you have many catagories i like but i am really pleased with the nature table link! I enjoy way too many hobbies…knitting, sewing, quilting,scrapbooking, cooking, gardening, photography, soapmaking, etc…… I will link back to you!! off to learn more about you!

  15. I’m new to your blog, but I liked your recipe/cooking content right away–especially with beautiful, clear pictures. My favorite Mama/toddler activity at the moment is making felt balls by hand with my daughter. One of these days, we’ll have enough for a necklace. 🙂 The quilt is lovely.

  16. I love seeing what’s on your knitting needles, but my favorite category is your cooking creations. Very inspiring what you do with three little helpers and I am ALWAYS hungry after reading! I will link on FB b/c I know I have some other crafty friends who would love to read your blog!

  17. A big thanks to Laura for introducing me to your blog. I’m a bit surprised that I haven’t stumbled upon it yet since we seem to haunt some of the same other blogs. I haven’t had time to look through too much yet, but I had to head to knitting first. My daughter just received a pixie hat from a friend and I can’t wait to make her another myself! I also had to check out the cooking and baking. I’m a jam girl myself!

    Can’t wait to come back and spend some more time looking around!

  18. I love the article about the peaches. They were so pretty and looked so good. I like the recipe about the orange julius, also.

    Knittingdancer on Ravelry

  19. I like “Changing Seasons” and “knitting” categories. And my crafty hobby is knitting. 🙂

  20. Knitting category and knitting at home. I also enjoy cooking when I’m not being chased my a cranky two year old 🙂 Love the blog.

  21. My favorite category is Knitting. I love to knit and am trying my hand at quilting (still in the planning stages of my first baby quilt) and I also enjoy cooking, especially Italian. Thank you for having such a wonderful give away. I just had one in June and I so enjoyed it, it actually encouraged me and I loved getting all those comments.

  22. So hard to pick. You have great categories but I’ll say that I have such a love for Cooking and knitting so those are my favorites.

    I love crafts though and that fits into the ones I picked.

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  24. My favorite is the mothering tool kit category…neat idea.

    I LOVE to knit for my girls. They get so excited when they see me knitting something for them. It is precious, I get many I Love You’s while I knit for them 🙂

    Thanks for the fun contest.

  25. I loove your recipes, but my favoriter craft is knitting. I think as we get older, we like our meals to be “out” more than when we’re young!! Or maybe that’s just me!

  26. Having only recently found your blog I have not yet had time to explore very thoroughly, but I’m guess the Changing Seasons category will be a favorite. And crafts, and sewing, and spinning… haven’t even checked out your recipes yet! One of my definite favorite things about your blog is the name! I just love to say it! I can’t say what domestic activity I love most… I enjoy keeping my home clean, sweeping in the morning, feeding my family good food, sewing, embroidery, knitting…

  27. I just posted a link to your giveaway on my blog along with a link to today’s thrifting post. Better late than never! 😉

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