We were recently, unexpectedly, blessed to be able to trade a family friend some homemade jam and brownies for a Kelty his son had outgrown.  Best barter we’ve ever made, if you ask me!

I love my Ergo and use it daily, but the Kelty is a much better fit for my husband.  We’ve been on two good hikes in the past week or so, and both he and Tum Tum have been quite comfortable.

More on our hikes tomorrow with Friday Nature Table sharing.

3 thoughts on “Kelty”

  1. we are just now trying to decide if we should buy an Ergo…we have a backpack (rather old and not too supportive) that was a thriftstore find when the girl was little. we used it lots with her…just got it out this morning to try with the boy! glad you all have been out and about!

  2. We had a Kelty that we used with our son. It was fantastic. He rode everywhere with his Dad. We have some great pictures of him on his Dad’s back while his Dad is doing car repairs. They are both smiling really big. Great barter!

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