Pink and Blue Quilt


The other night I stayed up ridiculously late finishing a little scrap quilt, and I really paid for it the next day! Of course, the children decided to wake up almost two hours earlier than normal the next morning!  I needed two cups of coffee just to be able to make toast and eggs for breakfast!


The quilt is based around a little stack of 15 pink, blue and raspberry colored blocks that came to us in a large bag of fabric scraps.  At first, I put the blocks in the bottom of my fabric drawer, because my initial reaction was that they were super ugly (circa 1992?).

I went through my fabric stash, and found a strip of equally ugly early 90’s fabric, a vintage sheet with a large rip in it, and an old summer skirt of mine, (back when I used to wear skirts above the knee!) that all sort-of coordinated.  Soon, a little quilt began to take shape.


The sheet was cut into strips for the middle of the quilt (to join the blocks).


The skirt became the sashing around the outside of the quilt, with that strip of extremely-floral fabric tucked in, too.


The batting is two layers of a pale-blue flannel sheet that had become quite worn and was in my rag bag.  And more of the torn vintage sheet fabric was used for the back.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with it, even if it’s not my kind of color-scheme.  It was a frugal use of some blocks that might otherwise have sat in my fabric stash for years, and I was able to repurpose all sorts of fabric odds and ends.  Of course, my super girly-girls love the pink on baby-blue look, so even if it isn’t my cup of tea, it made some folks happy.  🙂

Have you been able to utilize or repurpose a craft supply that someone else has cast off?  I’d love to see what you and your kids have created!

3 thoughts on “Pink and Blue Quilt”

  1. Your quilt is amazing, I would love to quilt someday, I have never tried it. When relatives of ours emmigrated to New Zealand, I was given 3 boxes of fabric, I think I might have a look and attempt one. Thanks for the inspiration:)

  2. I love how you repurposed so many things in your stash to create something so useful. And isn’t it interesting to think that we might make something that we don’t necessarily love, but someone else may really enjoy it? I have been using sheets for blouses and dresses, bandanas for kids pants (thank you Blue Yonder), and have recently acquired some old burlap bags that I plan to use to teach my kiddos how to do some embroidery. This winter I also want to use the old wool sweaters that I have been stashing to make some hats. (As seen in Soule Mama’s new book!)

    Here’s a link to the bandana pants…

  3. I think this little quilt is so sweet! And, I love how you used your materials that you have on hand. You inspire me to help my girls finish their “crazy” scrap quilts that they have been working on from my scrap box. Your post is such a good lesson for us all about frugal, thrifty living.

    I enjoy your blog so much.

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