Peaches, Preserved


Peach-Brandy Jam = 18 -  1/2 pints


Peaches in Light Syrup = 12 Quarts


Peach Honey (a delicious, thrifty, vegan honey substitute) = 6 1/2 pints


Peach Honey Butter on Applesauce cake (with peach jam between the layers.) – 1 stick unsalted butter, 6 tbsp peach honey (or regular honey) , beaten together in the Kitchenaid Mixer with a whisk attachment until combined and fluffy.

The best thing about home-preserved peaches, in my opinion, is opening a jar in the middle of winter and tasting a sunny summer day.

These ladies are taking preserving the harvest to a whole new level – Dana, Beth, Rural Mamma, and Amanda.

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  1. Oh lovely! Thanks for linking to me and sharing some other grea sites! Did you pick all those amazing peaches? Farmers market? I have never preserved peaches but I want to right now!!! xx

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