Fresh Eggs


We got chickens!!

After months of scouring Craigslist, pricing materials at the ReBuilding Center and researching plans (not to mention years of wishing, dreaming)… we finally found a used coop that met our super tight budget. (A coat of pretty paint, and the sturdy coop will look quite nice in the back corner of our yard.)   And a completely unexpected bonus- the large (6 nest boxes) coop came with enough fencing and fence posts for a very large run.

An even bigger bonus – the coop came with 3 organically-fed, heritage breed, 9 month-old hens – 2 Australorps (two big glossy-green/black girls that lay brown-eggs) and an Auracana (a rusty, stripey hen with big tufts of feathers on the sides of her head that lays blue-green eggs).

We can’t wait to expand out little flock, and I can’t wait to write some more about the beginning of our chicken-keeping adventure.   But, that’s all for now- yardwork calls.   After having friends and neighbors help us move the weighty coop into place yesterday, we need to get out and put the fencing up today, so Sarah, Plucky and Nudge can roam their patch of the yard safely (and also keep the tender baby veggies safe from them!).

More soon…

5 thoughts on “Fresh Eggs”

  1. Congrats ! Lucky lucky you! Or should I say clucky clucky you! Ok, bad joke. I’m just jealous. Homegrown eggs are the best. We used to have a neighbor boy that would sell us $1 a dozen wonderful eggs – the yolks are so yellow and they taste so much better than the supermarket. So happy for you.

  2. Yay! Can you believe that we can’t keep chickens in Hillsboro?!? I went to a meeting a few months ago. Looks like by next winter we’ll be able to though. Cool that you get to have some green eggs!

  3. Congratulations! We are busy raising 7 baby chicks over here ourselves! Right now it’s a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy where we live, but several of our neighbors have them too, and looks like they will all become “legal” soon! So happy that you found your coop…looking forward to hearing more tales…

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