Surprise in the nest box


While it’s by no means as big as this monster, we found quite a surprise in the nest box after church today.

Nudge, our Auracana, usually lays a large to extra-large sized egg (the pale green one in the middle (it looks a bit washed out in this shot)),  compared to our Australorps that lay medium-large eggs.  However, today Little Hen found that she had left us one the size of a duck egg (far right)!


And just because – to finish up, here are some photos of the chickens that Little Hen took yesterday (our first sunny day in a LONG time.)


Plucky, Sara, and Nudge soaking up some sunshine


Me, holding Plucky.


A rare shot of the Speckled Sussex chicks – they love to be held, but are difficult to photograph, because they are fast.  We finally named them this week (now that we can tell them apart) – Sugarplum (looking at the camera), Kate (eating a cherry), and Bolt (in the background, who, as her name suggests, is super fast).

And with that, we’re going to take it easy and get some real rest for the remainder of our Sunday.  After a crazy day crammed with hours and hours of yardwork yesterday, the rain today is almost welcome, because it’s forced us to stay in this afternoon.  I think my husband is doing to finish reading Skulduggery Pleasant aloud to us (while I get some knitting done for friends’ upcoming baby showers!), and then we’re going to make some homemade pizza for dinner.  And totally avoid all housework until tomorrow.

Wishing you peace and relaxation…

4 thoughts on “Surprise in the nest box”

  1. Much as I appreciate chickens, I just can’t stand the critters! We had lots of them when I was younger, and then it was part of my job at the historic site when I was a teen to take care of them. All of that experience has – a bit sadly – turned me off from chickens. lIt’s always fun to read about/see how much others enjoy them, though.

    And somedays you just need to avoid the housework. We did today, too.

  2. I love that cage set up, are those transport crates? I have the room for chickens and a cage if I want it but I’m not sure I have the time, maybe when the pitterpatters get a bit older and can look after them.
    I miss having chickens.
    Now horses I can’t stand, did a stint at a horse traing farm in my younger days, meh!

  3. Yes, those are pallets for the compost bins – that way the chickens can freely scratch about in the compost – a friend suggested we put the compost bins in the chicken run, and she’s right – they find all sorts of good things to eat in there, and the compost cooks much faster!

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